Special gift for Jill Hightower

The Praying Piecers, a local quilt guild led by Peggy Cooper, presented a wonderful gift to Mrs. Jill Hightower and her family Monday morning at the Franklin Methodist Church Activity Building. It was a quilt made from clothing once worn by her two sons, Justin and Patrick, which she lost this past summer. Mrs. Hightower’s granddaughter Ryan noticed that the way the ladies joined the fabrics was like Justin & Patrick were holding each other and that brought the family even greater comfort than they imagined.
Spurred by their personal tragedy, the Hightower family has formed a non-profit organization called the N.O.W. Foundation to help dysfunctional families overcome addiction and facilitate change by offering education and support. N.O.W. comes from the motto “Not an Option to Wait”.
A family living in dysfunction never corrects itself; it takes education on the cycle and tools for living to correct the dysfunction. A family needs to understand how every single member of the family is affected by the dysfunction, the roll each family member plays, and how to stop the cycle.
If you would like more information about their foundation you can go to http://nowufound.us.

Local Report / Robertson County News

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