Flushing Technology

It seems that technology has in fact penetrated every aspect of human exsistence. We carry our cell phones everywhere we go, our ipads and eReaders are hand in hand with everyday functionality. Until recently, I was blissful in my thinking that the restroom, both public and at home was still a sanctuary from technology. Let’s face it, not much to do in a bathroom except for, of course, what a bathroom is intended. Like I said, ignorance was bliss.
So the other day, a female friend, while leaving the restroom announced that she had just scored 63 points while playing an online interactive game called “Words with Friends.” She was playing while in the restroom. I asked her if this was the case and she said, “Well, you have to do something while in there, it’s boring.” So true, the restroom can be a bit time consuming and boring but the incident has left me scratching the ole noodle. Just how many gamers are sitting in the stalls at the local restaurant while I’m waiting to get in. I wonder if I should exclaim outloud in a packed restroom, “Com’ on, it’s my turn.”
Seriously, in the old days we would read a magazine, newspaper, or the stuff written on the walls. Now days it seems that there is even more to do like chatting, facebooking, and instant messaging. There are Angry Birds and cell phone games, by God you can stay in the restroom all day.
I used to think employees were sneaking in a little online time at the desktop computer provided by the company. No need to worry about that, just check the stalls in the restroom.
If that is not bad enough, it seems that the Charmin corporation has figured this out. Recently in a TV ad, Charmin asked for you to #tweetfromtheseat. That little symbol, if you do not know, is a hashtag which identifies a group of tweets that can be searched so others can read your tweet while in the restroom. Twitter.com is a social network that is very popular and allows users to post little updates about what they are currently doing or feeling.
Now, I must admit, in the name of journalistic integrity, I visited #tweetfromtheseat just to see what was being tweeted. With this commercial, Charmin is asking for America’s thoughts in lets face it, the worlds best thinking location. These tweets should be good, right?
Here’s one, “I love beans.” or how about, “Can you spare a square.”
That is just going too far. While funny, most certainly, I do not want to read any tweets from the seat, thank you. I believe I will keep to my old fashioned ways and check the techology at the restroom door.

Dennis Phiilips / Publisher

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