Bremond Public Library receives financial boost at pie event

On Saturday, February 22, the Bremond Public Library held a Pie, Cake, and Cobbler Bake-off and Auction. The event took place at the TSG Warehouse in Bremond and was a huge hit among the community members. All proceeds went to the Bremond Public Library.
The doors opened at 7:00 p.m. to the public with lots of samples to be tried. There were items ranging from a cherry pie, to hummingbird cakes, to apple pies, to even a cheesecake.
There were four awards given out, first through third and an overall.
First place went to Heather McKee who brought Caramel Pecan Cheesecake, second place went to DeAnne LaFarve, who baked a carrot cake, and third place went to Janet Hadley with a Hummingbird cake.
The overall winner went to Natasha Gouge who baked a delicious Apple Crumble Pie.
Judges were Stan Ortner, Kris Swinnea, and Ira Gray.
Robertson County Political Candidates were asked to attend to meet, greet, and discuss their platforms with the community members who attended.
The auction was a huge hit with items selling as low as about $60 and as high as about $250. The auctioneer was Jerry L. Graham with Auctioneers of the Southwest.
The biggest surprise of the night occurred when Brad Gouge, and wife Jennifer, donated a $10,000 cashiers check to the Bremond Public Library. Brad is the brother of Jason Gouge who is the owner of the Texas Slav & German Warehouse (TSG Warehouse).
After everything was said and done the Pie, Cake, and Cobbler Bake-off and Auction was a big success.

Suezan Hoskins | Robertson County News

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