US second overall in Sochi

I have gotten a sense that the 2014 Winter Olympics was not as well attended by US viewers as the previous Olympic games. Was it due to the fact that there was no real celebrity present? Shaun White competed, but fell short of a medal. In fact, Shaun looked more like a business man then a snowboarder.
The host country of Russia came out on top in both gold medals as overall medal wins. Russia fell short in the one event they hung their hopes in, hockey. That honor of gold, in the most traditional sport, went to Canada. Russian President Vladimir Putan went so far as to stress his disappointment with the Russian men’s hockey team.
As for the US men’s hockey, so close, but so far away.
The Women’s Hockey team did a great job, just losing to Canada in the medal round, but still securing silver.
Overall, the US did a great job in the 11 new events introduced at this year’s games including Freestyle Skiing, different snowboarding events and alpine skiing. Our top performances were in Freestyle Skiing with a total of seven medals including three gold.
The US did disappoint in a few events we have dominated over the past few games including Short Track Speed Skating, but with the loss of superstar Apolo Ohno to the broadcast booth, the US is in rebuild mode for speed skating.
While these games seem less followed here in the US, internationally, the Netherland had a great time racking up 24 medals total, 23 in Speed Skating including 8 Gold. The Netherlands team won just about every event for speed skating, that was a real dominate performance.
As for me, I watched just about every night and DVR recorded what I missed. I have always enjoyed the Olympics and continue to watch even though something seemed to be missing this time around. I cannot put my finger on it, but something about the games seemed off.
I will say that the ladies figure skating was very good this year and the US team was outstanding. Good to see all that young talent from the US displayed in front of the world.

Dennis Phiilips / Publisher

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