St. Joseph Express excellent for non-emergency health care needs

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Local businesses, school districts, governments, and residents alike are urged to utilize Hearne’s St. Joseph Express for their walk-in, extended-hours, non-emergency health care needs.  In a county without a hospital or emergency room, we are very fortunate to have the same type of urgent care facility in Robertson County that people have access to in much larger cities.  As with all other businesses, however, this facility needs to stay busy to remain open in Hearne and available to our community.

Creatures of habit, many people drive right past this new St. Joseph Express when taking themselves, relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to similar facilities in Bryan/College Station.  This urgent care was built in Hearne on combined TX6/US79 to help relieve emergency room congestion and serve the non-emergency needs of people living in and visiting Robertson and eastern Milam County.  No appointments necessary, it is open weekdays from 8 – 8 and Saturdays from 8 – 5.  If you need to call ahead, the phone number is 979.279.9913.  The address is 1643 North Market Street.

If you’re not feeling well, can’t get in to see your primary care physician, or need medical attention after work, on Saturdays, or on holidays, try Hearne’s St. Joseph Express.  If your primary care physician orders tests, get them done in Hearne.  Do you have a child or grandchild who is running a fever, has a sick tummy, sprained ankle, or needs a sports physical?  Is grandma, grandpa, mom, or dad feeling under the weather?  Take him or her to the local Hearne Express (not to some B/CS emergency room wait).

Local employers can easily make arrangements to use Hearne’s St. Joseph Express for flu shots, physicals, drug tests, and other occupational health needs.  To discuss your company’s needs, just contact Celeste Harris, St. Joseph’s Director of Occupational Medicine, at  Truck drivers, oil, gas, pipeline, power plant, coal mine, and railroad workers and their families should all consider using Hearne’s conveniently located St. Joseph Express.  So should other people who are traveling through town on Hearne’s increasingly busy highways.

Hearne and Franklin each have BVCAA/St. Joseph Health Point family health clinics.  While both of these appointment-needed clinics serve our local area, Robertson County residents, employees, and visitors can also use the walk-in, no appointment needed St. Joseph Express.

Local officials worked long and hard to bring the St. Joseph Express to Hearne and Robertson County.  Sunday hours have recently been discontinued.  Having more local residents and businesses use this local clinic that is staffed by lots of local people should help avoid further reductions. 

How many times have you heard someone lament, “I wish we had that in Hearne or Robertson County?”  Well, we’ve got a brand name urgent care clinic in our midst and we need to use it to keep it.  It is up to local residents and businesses to try to “Shop Robertson County first” for our health care and other needs to help our local economy continue to grow and prosper.

Kent Brunette | Robertson County Newspaper

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