Calvert, Hearne ISD relationship tested

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Herne High School Principal Jonathan Wells

With a phone call, athletic competition between Hearne ISD and Calvert ISD almost came to an end. The caller identifies himself as Hearne High School Principal Jonathan Wells in a voice mail message left on Calvert ISD Athletic Director Marcus Wortham voice mail answering service.

Once identified, Wells proceeds with this message: “I was calling you to uh, let you know that Hearne, uh, will not be scheduling any athletic events, that’s volleyball, basketball uh, with Calvert. If you have any questions, you can call me back.” Wells goes on to provide a call back phone number and continues, “You can let the people in Calvert know we will not be scheduling any sporting events, uh, with Calvert. If you have any questions give me a call back. Have a great day.”

Calvert’s former girls basketball coach Issac Wells resigned his duties for Calvert ISD in March. Issac Well’s is the brother of Jonathan Wells and many within the Hearne school district have commented that this phone call was in retaliation to Issac Wells resignation. Issac Wells lead the Lady Trojans to the state Championship this past season; his dismissal came to the surprise of many within Calvert ISD. Sources close to the situation have stated that Wells in fact was given the opportunity to resign or face termination after a disagreement with Athletic Director Marcus Wortham, however, Wortham can be seen during a KAGS-TV interview with reporter Chris Costa praising Issac Wells’ performance as the Lady Trojans head coach.

The story and voice mail message does not end here.

Hearne Superintendent Joy Toney was first made aware of the voice mail message on Friday, April 4 late in the day. An email, which contained the voice mail message which included an additional 6 minutes of Johnathan Wells discussing other issues.

Jonathan Wells had not hung up the phone to terminate the call and he becomes more graphic in language. Wells can be heard on the recording directly after the initial message as saying, “I would say something else, like that was a chicken s**t move, I wasn’t going to say all that, it would be wrong.”

Wells continues on the recording; referring to a student as “sissy boy” and uses profanity throughout the message.

Toney placed Jonathan Wells on administrative leave on Monday, April 7 and proceeded to open an investigation regarding Wells actions based on the voice recording.

Superintendent Toney issued a statement regarding the incident: “Hearne ISD can confirm that an employee was placed on administrative leave following the district‚ receipt of information that the employee may have engaged in unauthorized and unprofessional conduct. A District investigation is underway. Should the allegations be substantiated, the district will take appropriate disciplinary action, consistent with state law and district policy. Parents can be assured that the academic success of our students remains our utmost priority, and that Hearne ISD‚our mission remains focused on providing to our students the best educational environment possible. As always, the district thanks the community for its support.

“We will continue to play Hearne in athletic competition, girls volleyball is already scheduled,” said Maxi Morgan, Calvert ISD superintendent. “We have a good working relationship with Hearne ISD as we do with all ISD. We consider it a privileged to play Hearne, they are our neighbors and Calvert ISD looks forward to many more years of competition.”

The Hearne School Board met in regular session Monday night and entered into executive session for more than two hours. No official word has been sent down as to the outcome of the investigation and at the time of this report, Wells remains on administrative leave.

Dennis Phillips - Publisher | Robertson County News

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