Hearne Council candidate lends a hand

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Hearne City Council candidate Hazel Embra donned her apron and helped kids learn how to cook at the Boys and Girls Club last Tuesday. Luminant’s Steve Jenkins was on hand for a visit and he couldn’t tell what Ola Mae Redmon (Club cooking instructor), Assistant Embra, and the Club kids were making but he testified that it looked and smelled “good.” Really good.

Embra wants voters to know she is serious about helping Hearne residents and wants to extend her assistance as a member of the Hearne City Council. She is a life-long resident of Hearne, married to Deacon Donald Embra, mother of Rev. Kenneth Stewart, and the grandmother of six, great-grandmother of two. That probably explains in part why she’s handy in the kitchen—especially while helping kiddos do the cooking.

In addition to working with the Boys and Girls Club, Embra contributes to the community through the Blackshear Alumni.
Her professional career as Director of Nursing at the Calvert Nursing Home from 1980 – 1988 and work as a nursing administrator with Hearne Healthcare Center also probably came in handy at the Boys and Girls Club.

Currently, Embra works at the Franklin Nursing and Rehab facility.

This Boys and Girls Club volunteer has been active in her community her entire adult life. Speaking of her entrance into the city council race, Embra said, “There is . . . time for change in our community and as I look around at the structure of our city, my heart weeps inside. I see new buildings painted, new street lights downtown, lots of food places to eat, but our people is selling their homes and moving to other areas.” She also mentions that the cost of living is high in Hearne, employment opportunities low.

She adds that she would like to work toward finding remedies for these situations and she would also like to see more cooperation among the county, school and city “working together for a common cause for all the people.”

But for Boys and Girls Club members, Embra’s visit was more about your grandmother teaching you how to cook.

Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

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