The Six at the Gallery

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It was a night for appreciating the arts as guests packed the Gallery in Calvert to enjoy “the Art Bunch”--the works of six local artists who headquarter in Calvert. Hosted by their mentor, Lebba Kropp, the six displayed their art in this fifth annual event to the obvious delight of local patrons. At times, you could hardly “stir ‘em with a stick.”

Intensifying the experience, the “Pickers Circle” was performing across the street. Folks could move back and forth between the two and enjoy arts both visual and auditory. With free admission to both, one could hardly beat the entertainment potential. The food was excellent as well.

Covering the Gallery walls were the works of Terry Baker, Rita Barker, Cynthie Hanks, Georgeanna Muse, Mary Waldson, and Jamie Weger. All displayed different styles, different media, and a different eye on the world.

Some of these artists have been developing their skills throughout their lives, some discovered talent late in life, and others returned to their first love. Take Terry Baker, for example. Baker was an art major in college but then worked for 30 years as an elementary school teacher, limited his art to materials for his students. When the six came together to spend three nights a week in Calvert—painting, drawing, dreaming—Terry returned to what he wanted to do in the first place.

Calvert native Rita Barker had been the County’s 911 chief for many years, when, as she neared retirement, she decided to become an artist. Since then, she’s become exactly that—winning some awards and producing art to be proud of.

Several of these artists found Calvert from other parts of the Brazos Valley—from Hearne, Bryan, Gause, College Station—but they have been faithfully coming to Calvert to work for the last six years, and for the last five, folks have been coming to appreciate what they have produced over the presenting year. Thursday night, the fifth annual show, probably drew the largest crowd the history of the Six.

Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

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