Hearne City Council calls for re-bids for CDL office

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By Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

In its regular city council meeting, the Hearne City Council approved minutes and paid the bills, then approved Mr. James Wilson’s bid to purchase the four lots adjacent to the lot he currently owns. Mayor Ruben Gomez explained that these lots had been owned by the city in the south side addition and “had been sitting” since 2001. It was time to “get them back on the tax roll.”

It tabled a bid from LeAnthony Dykes for 7 lots in the same area until the council could re-examine the ordinance governing the sale of these city owned properties and make sure his bid complied.

The rest of the 30-minute meeting was devoted to considering what to do with two very disparate bids to construct a Hearne-based commercial driver’s license (CDL). One bid for $115,800 covered building construction only while the other for $323,951 including the cost for creating the parking lot and making road improvements.

City Manager Pee Wee Drake stated emphatically that the bid request specified “building only”—a 2,100 square foot structure-- while Mr. David Kornegay of Glass River Design Build said including the cost of other amenities seemed a reasonable interpretation of the bid request to him. Drake said he intended to call for secondary bids for parking and road improvements. After some discussion, the Council agreed to re-issue the bid with slightly different requirements to put the bidders on an equal footing. Councilman Marc Catalina said that the re-bidding seemed the only fair thing to do in this situation and made the motion.

With its entire agenda items discussed, the panel adjoined its Tuesday evening meeting.

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