Calvert Chamber looks to renovate historic Gulf Gas Station

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Painting by Gaylord O’Con, sws | This watercolor painted by Gaylord O’Con from Glen Rose, Texas depicts a historic Gulf Station.  A vision of the past, these types of historic renovations are becoming more popular in smaller towns. This station now stands in Edgewood, Texas.

It is a labor of love to take the care and detail required to restore a historic building. Though little is known of the Gulf Gas Station in Calvert, as I’m sure more research will take place, the Calvert Chamber has set a goal to renovate the historic building to be used as the Chambers information center and office.

Several fundraiser ideas were hatched and discussed during the general membership meeting held May 20 at the Calvert Fire Station meeting room. Ideas presented were that of a wild game / wild hog plate to be possibly held during the October 17-18 BBQ Cook Off event which is already scheduled.

The fund-raising plans may still be in the works but the goal is very real. Set at $65,000.00 to return the station and the historic significance back to the residents of Calvert. Primarily building, structure, and infrastructure concerns, plans have been discussed to purchase a historic Gulf Gas Pump as a display for the building, returning the charm of the 1930’s to the site.

The interior space may not be large enough, but discussions included tucking a metal building behind and out of view of the historic front. While the Calvert Chamber is not sitting with the $65,000.00 in the coffers at the moment, the goal will be to renovate in stages as funds permit.

To track progress of the project, the Calvert Chamber is having a sign effected of a large thermometer to be placed on site.

The Chamber will also hold a ribbon cutting on June 7 for something to Talk About, which has relocated to Cobbs Market Building. The ribbon cutting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. and everyone is invited to attend.

Dennis Phillips | Robertson County News

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