Brotherhood Ride drives through Robertson County

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On Wednesday May 28 the Brotherhood Ride cycled through Robertson County.

The Brotherhood Ride is a group of first responders that get together to honor the fallen heroes. Each year they chose a tragic event to honor and this year they are honoring the 19 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2013. The ride started on May 22 in Eunice, Louisiana and will end in Houston, Texas on May 30.

They began their ride in Eunice, Louisiana on day one and ended in Jasper, Texas. On day two they began n Jasper and ended in Alto, Texas. Day three they began in Alto and ended in Tyler, Texas. Day four they began in Tyler and ended in Dallas. Day five they began in Dallas and ended in West, Texas. Day six they began in West and ended in Bryan, Texas. Day seven they began in Bryan and ended in Montgomery, Texas, and on day eight they began in Montgomery and will end in Houston, Texas.

The Brotherhood ride was founded in 2007 by Jeff Morse after nine Charleston firefighters were killed in the line of duty. On that day Morse and a small group of his fellow firefighters gathered at the Station 45 in Charleston to think of a way to honor the fallen and that is where the Brotherhood Ride concept was created.
That year a small group of first responders rode from Naples, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina.

Every year from then on the Brotherhood Ride met and rode through different towns honor the fallen first responders.

The Brotherhood ride raises money from donations to donate to the families of public safety officers who have died in the line of duty. If you would like to donate you can make checks payable to Brotherhood Ride and mail it to P.O. Box 110862 Naples, Florida 34108 or online at

The 2014 riders are Manny Arruda, Todd Barton, Jeffery Berice, Jack Bills, David Borawski, Bob Branch, Paul W. Brown, Rick Brown, Brett Butler, Ryan Clark, John Cole, Michael Cruz, Keith Curr, Joe Dannenbaum, Patrick Davis, Luciano Deandrade, Matthew Deemer, Matt Drum, Tim Dunn, Tim Elder, Michael Flannigan, Nick Ganci, William Gorman, David Griffin, Douglas Groves, Kristy Halvorsen, Eddie Havlice, Bingham Hefner, David Heilman, Sean Hoover, Rob Hyatt, Todd Kahney, Jerry Krohnfeldt, Scott M. LaBree, Ryan Lee, Paul Manguso, Dan McDonald, Jason McInnis, Jeff Morse, Todd Neal, Bobby Respress, Daniel Rowan, Craig Russell, Johnny Salazar, Robert Salvaggio, Jerry Sandlin, Joe Stakes, Jeff Vannortwick, Simon Weatherhead, and Scott Wilson.

The 2014 support team members are Manuel Cadena, Paul Carr, Erich Carter, Javier Clemente, Nicholas DeMarco, Tori Holley, Rodney Huron, Duane Jones, Jim Jones, Jennifer Krohfeldt, Gail Manguso, Tim McCormick, Candy Morse, Adam Mysiuk, Lisa Repress, Kevin Schoch, Kenny Swan, Jerry Turner, Donny Weathers, and Jason “Bear” Wilson.

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