Council approves funds for newspaper office

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The Hearne City Council met in regular session Tuesday evening to address a short agenda. With a full council table, the bills and previous agenda were quickly approved.

The second reading to approve 4A project funds for a proposed RV park on FM 485 was quickly tabled. “I would like a little more time to study the project,” said newly elected councilperson Hazel Embra. Having made a motion to table, the Mayor opened the item for discussion. “While I can not vote I would be happy to answer any questions, “ said Councilperson Mike Werlinger. However Embra preferred to just ask for more time to study the project. The vote: Embra, Rattler, and White for tabling the item, Vaughn and Gomez against and Werlinger abstained.

All members of the council with a 6-0 vote approved the Robertson County News’ building project to restore and occupy the old Smith-Welch Library building on 4th Street. The Newspaper will begin work as soon as June 15, once all the project paperwork including title and deed are properly filled with the City of Hearne. “This is great news, the Robertson County News will have a home in Hearne for many years to come.” ed. note: I would personally like to thank Kent Brunette, the 4A and 4B boards as well as the old and new council members. This has been a long process that will give the oldest business in Robertson County a home for many, many more years to come.

The City Council passed on the option to open up the 4A restrictions, which would have allowed monies to be used for a broader range of purposes. Currently under 4A guidelines, monies can only be used for infrastructure. Had the council passed the ordinance, monies could have then been used for projects that currently fall under the 4B guidelines. By motion from councilperson LaShaunda White, and seconded, the council voted to not adopt the ordinance by a 3-3 tie, Embra, White and Rattler for, Gomez, Werlinger, and Vaughn against. This vote resulted in no action and the ordinance did not pass.
Werlinger then made a motion to vote Maxine Vaughn as Mayor Pro-Tem. In this capacity, Vaughn would serve as Mayor in the absents of Ruben Gomez. The council vote 6-0 in favor of Vaughn’s appointment.

The council moved to executive session for the EDC to discuss current projects and an overall update. Brunette, the Hearne EDC Director felt it necessary to bring the council up to speed on current and future economic development programs.

With no further business, the council reconvened and adjourned the meeting.

Dennis Phillips | Robertson County News

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