An American horror story is closed

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If you are a Facebook user; this week cyber-rumors spread like a wildfire that Charles Manson had been granted parole, so to set the record straight, this news is from 2012.

“I was very pleased that we will never hear from Charlie Manson again,” Debra Tate, sister of slain actress Sharon Tate told reporters. “I don’t have to see him again. For this one, it’s over.”
This marks the end for victims of Charles Manson and “The Family” as the California Parole Board “could find nothing as far as suitability” for Manson’s parole, according to one commissioner.

The two commission panel took 80 minutes to deliberate Manson’s parole concluding not only to deny but to schedule the mass murderer’s next hearing 15 years from now. This is the maximum amount of time allowable by the Sate of California law. Manson will be 92 years old should he live long enough to see the hearing.

Manson did not make an appearance at his parole hearing and has not done so for the past 11 years. In a statement issued from Manson to psychologists, “I am special. I am not like the average inmate. I have put five people in the grave. I’ve been in prison most of my life. I’m a very dangerous man,” Manson told the psychologist, according to a report read aloud by Peck during the hearing.

This marks a turning point in the Manson legacy, it is fact the first time he openly admits to killing at least five of the nine victims he was found guilty of slaying in 1969.

Manson was originally scheduled for execution, however in 1970 the State of California abolished the death penalty and Manson was given a life sentence. Manson has now been denied parole 12 times having committed 108 serious discipline infractions while incarcerated, 35 of these were of a violent nature.

Debra Tate, the sister of Sharon Tate, who attended Wednesday’s hearing, told the parole panel that she believed Manson declined to attend the proceeding because he didn’t want to hear her or any other victim’s impact statement. Tate has attended Manson’s parole hearings for the past 11 years.

Manson and his family staged crime scenes to appear as if African-Americans or the Black Panthers committed the murders, Sequeira told the panel. He called the stabbing and shooting deaths “domestic terror.”

After the race war, Manson and his followers would emerge from their desert retreat “to rule the world,” Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira told the panel. Manson and his followers believed the Beatles’ “White Album” predicted such an apocalyptic war, Sequeira told the panel.

Last October, Manson was found to be in possession of an inmate-manufactured weapon and he is now being held for 15 months in isolation in a secured housing unit in the California State Prison Corcoran, said Commissioner Gilbert Robles, the other member of the two-person parole panel.

“He does not deserve to be returned to society,” the prosecutor added. “He has a history of refusing to cooperate, not only with psychologists for evaluations, but also for treatment.”
DeJon R. Lewis, Manson’s state-appointed attorney, who has never met his client, said he didn’t know why Manson didn’t show up for the hearing. Manson hasn’t appeared at any of his parole hearings during the past 15 years.

Manson didn’t come out of his cell to participate in an interview with Lewis a month ago, Lewis told the parole panel.

“Quite frankly, I don’t think he could have helped himself today by speaking on the record,” Lewis told reporters after the hearing.

Now it seems very likely that the terror that was Charles Manson has officially come to an end. It is highly probable that Manson will now die in prison. Manson will be eligible for parole in 2027.

Dennis Phillips | Robertson County News

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