Sheriff Yezak honored by Commissioners’ Court

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Photo By Lilsa Yezak | Robertson County NewsSteve Westbrook and Sheriff Gerald Yezak, Yezak was voted Sergeant-at-Arms for the Sheriff’s Association of Texas.

Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

On Monday, in addition to handling its regular County business, the Robertson County Commissioners’ Court had the privilege of thanking Robertson County Sheriff Gerald Yezak for adding prestige to the County and its law enforcement. Yezak was voted Sergeant-at-Arms for the Sheriff’s Association of Texas which means he is in line to become the Association’s president in 2018, his inauguration already slated for the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine.

The Association elects a Sergeant-of-Arms who will become third vice president, second vp, first vp and then president in successive years. Steve Westbrook of the Sheriff’s Association announced to the Court on Monday that Sheriff Yezak won his post handily, without a run-off, by getting at least 51% of the vote. Yezak invited commissioners, county officials and guests to meet him at the Gaylord in 2018. Commissioner Keith Nickelson (pct. 3), who presided over the meeting in County Judge Jan Roe’s absence, thanked Yezak for bringing positive recognition to the County and for doing good work as County Sheriff.

In other business, the Court approved higher than usual collections from both the County and District Clerk’s offices in the amounts of $50.345.10 and $10,837.82 respectively.
The panel decided to table action on plans to auction off the current election office building and a few furniture items until the entire panel was present. In addition to Roe, Commissioner Donald Threadgill (pct. 2) could not attend Monday’s meeting.

The Court approved a re-plat of properties on Lake Limestone, re-naming the division “Pirates’ Cove.” It also adopted a resolution allowing the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to re-construction three bridges.

TxDOT Assistant Area Engineer Connie Flickerger explained that all three bridges were antiquated because they were too narrow and showed signs of metal corrosion in their sub-structures. “None of them are dangerous,” she explained, but TxDOT would rather correct the problems before they became so.

To do the work, TxDOT will have to shut down FM 1373 for nine months in order to re-build the bridges over Alligator Slough and Hardin Slough and close FM 485 for seven months. TxDOT will re-route traffic with detours around the construction. People who use those roads will have to build extra minutes into their travel time in the spring through the fall of 2015 when all three bridges will be constructed.

Commissioners approved some budget adjustments and bill payments of $318,908.15 with some additional invoices on top of the almost $319 k. A payment of $2,260 went to the architect who re-designed the St. Joseph Clinic in Franklin to convert it into the election office; the projected move-in date is September 6. Another additional purchase was a Polaris ATV (the purchase brought down with a trade-in) financed for the Sheriff’s Department, but it’s purchase will come from the Sheriff’s Forfeiture fund rather than from the SO’s County budget.
The County renewed its VINE service agreement, a contract that must be renewed each year, and adjourned.

Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

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