Franklin ISD increases salaries and decreases tax rate

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Franklin ISD school board researched the salary schedule of 6 different local school districts. It was done to bring Franklin teacher salaries up to a comparable to average or above average rate. The district then made a local adjustment across the years of service to increase salaries. Those funds came from the local allocation and not from state funds allotted.
The school board lowered the district tax rate by .03¢ to $1.23 this year. Superintendent Lowry, stated, “We anticipate it to continue to come down in the next few years.” He indicated that 9 years ago the tax rate was $1.50, which is .27¢ higher than the current year. The property values have increased this year on some properties, which may cause property owners to not realize that the rate has actually decreased. Mr. Lowry indicated that, “as a district we have no bearing on the property values”.

Donna O'Connor | Robertson County News

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