Worship directory gets a brand-new look

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The Worship Directory in the Robertson County News hasn’t changed in a long time. Until now. Starting next week there will be a whole new look to the worship directory. Better fonts, updated listings and a regular spotlight on a local congregation will be just some of the improvements.
“It’s something that I had on our to-do list when we arrived in this county and I think it is time it gets done,” says publisher Dennis Phillips.
If your congregation is missing from the worship directory, or the information needs updating, please feel free to contact the office during business hours. You can call 979-279-3411 and speak to Laura or you can email your updates to [email protected]


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Folks from all over Robertson County came to the courthouse to tie blue ribbons in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Laura Chesner Staff Writer [email protected] In 1983, April was proclaimed the first National Child Abuse Prevention Month. As a result, child abuse awareness activities are promoted across the country during April of each year. The Office on Child Abuse and Neglect coordinates Child Abuse Prevention Month activities at the Federal level, providing information and releasing updated national statistics about child abuse and neglect. Many governors also issue proclamations to encourage initiatives and events in their States. In 1989, the Blue Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse began as a Virginia grandmother's tribute to her grandson who died as a result of abuse. She tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her car as a way to remember him and to alert her community to the tragedy of child abuse. The Blue Ribbon Campaign has since expanded across the country.


Home invasion investigation continues

The HPD has been using their Facebook page to communicate with citizens

Laura Chesner Staff Writer [email protected] Starting last week, Hearne residents reported home invasions by a group of armed males. One of the first reports came during the weekend of the Fair. One Hearne resident reported that four men wearing hoodies and masks forced their way through his front door. The victim says that one of the suspects pulled out a pistol and held it to his head as the three others ransacked his home. His three-year-old little girl was sound asleep in another room. “I wanted to do something about it, but I didn't know if the gun was loaded or not, and I didn't know if he was going to shoot me, or shoot her,” he said. “I was helpless,” said the victim who preferred to remain anonymous. Since the initial break-in, others have been reported in Hearne and Hearne Police have been taking a pro-active role in the investigation. Sergeant Stephen Yohner is heading up the investigation into these home invasions.



Thank you to everyone who looked for Maria

Praise God that Maria has been found. She survived after 6 days in the woods. A resident saw her on The Cameron Herald Newspaper Facebook, saw her in the area and returned her to the owner. The amazing part is that he would not take her reward money. Thank you for your kind and sweet spirit in helping us to locate her. It is people like you and that resident that make me want to leave the big city and move to the country.


Go green without having to recycle your newspaper

Laura Chesner Staff Writer [email protected] Many ecologists have said that reducing one’s carbon footprint can be as easy as changing one small thing that reduces waste. Reading your newspaper online saves valuable resources, decreases pollution and is inexpensive. The Robertson County News offers two ways to get your news online. The Editorial staff updates the Robertson County News website weekly with a partial look at the weekly paper. If you already have a paper subscription, then you can get a username and password and get a look at the full paper for no extra price. But for the person who wants to really go green, a paperless newspaper subscription is available to anyone for less than a yearly subscription that comes in the mail. “We here at the Robertson County News know that many of our subscribers care about the environment and want to do something to reduce waste,” said Publisher Dennis Phillips.


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