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Shirley Davidson and her grandson, Rylee came to the Robertson County News Office to pick up their Schlitterbahn tickets she won for Week One.

Winners from Week One

r obertSon C ountY » The winner for week one is Shirley Davidson and she brought along Rylee Davidson her grandson to help her celebrate. The Schlitterbahn advertisement, has been

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M argaret S alvaggio | r obertSon C ountY n ewS

These young ladies attending last years prom were definitely an example of discipline and using their social skills.

Looney Tunes magical night

H earne » “Eh, what’s up, Doc?” the Hearne Elementary presents “Looney Tunes” Prom Night. The night will be filled with fun and laughter with the activities starting at 6:00

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CiSD | r obertSon C ountY n ewS

Students working in Mrs. Randazzo’s classroom planting their seeds and learning how to care for the plants they will see growing soon.

CISD is springing into Science

C alvert » Just recently in Mrs. Randazzo’s classroom the topic was planting vegetables and flowers the basic care and needs of plants. The students learned that plants need sunlight,




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