WAY BACK WHEN IN Franklin Texas


The Franklin Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Christmas Parade throughout downtown on Saturday, December 19 beginning at 10 a.m. Featured will floats portraying the real meaning of Christmas, also floats of a different theme and most important will be the appearance of Santa Claus. Christmas music and marchers will fill the air in Franklin as the high school bands from Bremond, Hearne, Calvert, and Franklin will play while marching in the parade. The Franklin Chamber invites the residents of the area to witness the parade and join in the festivities. The First Baptist Church Youth Choir will sing for the Rotary Club luncheon on Friday, December 18. Guy E Chandler is the program chairman for the meeting.

Mr. Frank Herberts kindergarten class entertained the club with a musical program the previous week when Bryan F Russ was in charge of the program.

The Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation of Robertson County has received noticed that it will not be funded after December 31,1969. The notice came from the Southwest Regional Office of the OEO in Austin and calls for a complete discontinuation of all programs directed by the local EOAC.

Elton Easterly, acting executive director said there was a faint hope that the order closing the county program would be rescinded.

The House of Representatives in Washington last weekend voted to keep the Economic Program under the jurisdiction of the federal government instead of turning it over to the state and county governments and this could mean that at least a part of the program would continue.

Programs under the EOAC sponsorship and clued the community action program, Head Start program, and many other services and aids such as trained nurses to serve the underprivileged.

Robertson County EOAC was first funded in May 1906 and furnishes jobs for an average of 45 employees operating on a normal federal fund of $285,000 annually.

Since being placed in operation the local office has also received numerous funds and federal grants for special programs such as day schools and other training programs including on the job.

Lad Nicholson is serving as chairman of the EOAC of Robertson County.

Sheriff E. P. “Sonny” Elliott and Deputy Dale Fletcher arrested to Brazos County men and charged them with theft in Justice of Peace Lee Farmer’s court at Franklin. The two allegedly stole the complete household furnishings from a home on the OSR about ten days ago. They were released on $2,500 bond.

Two hitchhikers were robbed and kicked out of their car near Herne on Sunday night December 14. Deputy Fletcher, Marshall JW Elliott of Calvert and Sim Mickens, a part time deputy arrested six Calvert people three adults and three juveniles last week bond was set at $2,500 each.

A man has been arrested at Fort Smith, Arkansas where he is being held on charges of stealing a car in Franklin three weekends ago. Sheriff Elliott said the man refused to waive extradition.