Bobbie Threadill passing out the brown bag lunches made for the summer lunch program called Feed the Kids.

Brown bagging it for the kids

What a cold and sterile name that is… but as the volunteers came and gave of their time and love, it became community.

For the last 2 weeks, volunteers, men, women, teens, boys and girls, came together as the body of Christ to help feed kids that might not get a meal otherwise.

Between summer school ending and fall school starting back up, some of the kids don’t eat much. Last year, one week, a group of ladies and teens fed the kids. This year, Love Out Loud, a group of ministers, came together with others who participated last year, and the vote was two weeks. It seemed a little overwhelming… the perfect place for God to step in…

Watching as all the volunteers gather, set up bags, put the food in the bags, some of it donated by individuals, some donated by businesses, some purchased with the money donated, all of it done with love for our kids and our community.

I was amazed.

How do I describe what I saw happening. People who didn’t always agree on all points were working for a common goal. Laughing together, working with each other as if they had always done it this way. Like a well-oiled machine or like a body.

Each part doing what it was created to do. Some giving food, some giving time, some giving of a talent, some being seen by all, some behind the scene no one ever knowing their contribution. But every part needed to complete the task at hand.

The boxes of lunches were delivered to the apartments by teams. It was a good starting place. As the days went by, lunches were shifted to different locations as needed. The practice field for football boys, the gym for volleyball girls and houses where grandmothers were keeping their grandkids. As it continued to grow and move, the “program” took on a life of its own.

People of all ages, not just kids, were being touched by love and the food was taken all over town.

Did it feed every child? No. Did we even know where to start? Not really. Did we accomplish what we set out to? I don’t know. But I was reminded of the story of the boy on the beach, hundreds or maybe thousands of starfish.

He is throwing them back in the ocean one at a time. Someone asks him, “Do you really think you are doing any good? You can’t throw them all back in the ocean. Are you really making a difference?“ and as the boy throws the next starfish, he says, “ it makes a difference to this one”

Change someone’s world… Love the one in front of you…

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