That calf knows that cowboy is hot on his heels and fixing to make the rope happen.

Glover rodeo ropes up it’s 36 year

As the dust settled under the big arena, the cowboys and cowgirls were all packing up and leaving the good time they had this year at the Glover Rodeo behind. Some will move on to the next town and event and then some have other things like jobs they have to get back to until the next time they all return.

The Glover Rodeo came back to Hearne out at the Robertson County Fairgrounds this past weekend. Trailers, trucks, cars and even the occasional BBQ pits were out and parked all around the grounds there were even a few new things around the grounds.

With the parade, Mutton Bustin’, Junior and Old Timers Roping and even Team Roping earlier in the day on Saturday, and then the Bull Riding event that night along with Barrel Racing and it was all an exciting time.

If you have never had the chance to experience the fun and camaraderie of the attendees at the rodeo you have missed it all.

The rodeo is definitely a family affair, the Glover family affair, it is alive and flourishing and the tree grows stronger each year with new branches.

The Glover family has been in the rodeo business for thirty-six years and will be going strong for the long haul.

The hard work and dedication of each person from the riders to the workers that make it all happen can be summed up in two words “teamwork” and “family”.

The Glover Rodeo has its annual rodeo in Madisonville in May and the Hearne rodeo in September.

The people and the atmosphere are so welcoming and once you get there you don’t want to leave.

Glover Rodeo we will see you again next year and until then …

Even though you’ve been bucked, kicked, bit and stomped… Never Give Up.

See you all next year

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