Daniel and his group in the floodwaters of Houston are helping to take stranded people to safe ground.

Locals make way to help

Days before Harvey hit land the knowledge of the destruction was there and all in its path knew the warnings of the devastation. The wind speeds and the amounts of rainfall he would bring would be catastrophic.

When Harvey hit Friday night it came in with vengeance as a Category 4 storm with winds blowing at 130 mph. He was then by Saturday downgraded to a Category 1 and then to a tropical storm but the path of destruction had been made and the flooding was already done.

Tornadoes were touching down in towns and tearing paths through and demolishing houses, businesses and schools.

Now we are seeing the rescue efforts being made to make sure that everyone is safe and sound on dry land in Houston and other cities.

Rescuers from New York, Louisiana, and the National Guard have come to help.

Reading the reports and seeing the outcry on social media with the different people in Houston and other cities asking for help, with no electricity or no phone lines asking their friends on Facebook to help them get the word out, where they are and pleading to be rescued.

Several volunteers and responders have started collecting items to be sent to the towns that need supplies such as the Bremond Volunteer Fire Department, Dan Roberts and the company he works for in Dallas, Master Halco, the City of Hearne and Hearne


Chamber of Commerce along with other entities that are doing their part to help out.

We even have local Robertson County citizens and their friends putting their jobs and families on hold to make sure that everyone is being located and helped.

Some of the citizens that we known of that went out to help were Daniel Ditto and Cody Beasley of North Zulch from Gause along with Jason Rose and his group all leaving days ago to help with the rescue efforts by bringing their boats. Other volunteers who made their way to Houston were: Jason Lehoski, Shane McCarver, Dj Conner, Alan Van-Winkle, and Jarod Van-Winkle all from Hearne, Greg Moore of Gause, Ty Ortega, Dusty Townsend, and Josh Connell all from Bremond, Billy Fleming of Calvert, Bubba Foley of Reagan Bo Jones and


Cody Penney both from Rockdale and Johnny Moore, CM Welding and 5M Welding all from Franklin.

These are only a few that have stepped up and out to help others in need.

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