The crash data includes only crashes where cell phone use specifically was cited as a factor. It does not show crashes were other forms of distraction were reported as a factor.

Hands Free Law in effect

It is the latest effort by the Texas State Legislature to reduce the alarming amount of collisions on Texas roadways.
While many metro and mini-metro based cities like Bryan /...


Ginger “Big Nana” with two of her grandsons, Tuff and Bowen showing off their new head attire “just like Nana”.

Golfing for Ginger

On September 23, 2017 there will be a Golf Tournament to help raise money for the Aleman family.
Ginger Huseman Aleman, aka “Big Nana” was diagnosed with Stage 4 Serous...


Daniel and his group in the floodwaters of Houston are helping to take stranded people to safe ground.

Locals make way to help

Days before Harvey hit land the knowledge of the destruction was there and all in its path knew the warnings of the devastation. The wind speeds and the amounts of...

Texas meterologist discuss the plan of approach to study Hurricane Harvey before making landfall. See Harvey from a perspective rarely seen or told, from inside an 8 hour study flight of one of the worst storms in Texas history. Story on page 9.

Harvey Devistates Texas



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