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That’s not a catfish!!! But trust me when I say he did not know the difference and he had a blast catching the only bass in the pond.

Let’s wet a line

H earne » It is that time again, time to wet a line and go catch some catfish. The 5th Annual Hearne Fishing Derby will take place this Sunday, May

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Rosalie Davaloz and Anquan Boxleywere crowned Hearne High School’s Prom Queen and King.

A night to remember

wonderful time enjoying being with their friends and making memories. The year is coming to a close very quickly and before you know it there will be another ceremony to

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This does not look like a cooking program that I would want to be part of, how much do you trust them?

Keeping up with the youth

H earne Hearne, Texas Young Life meets every Monday at 7:42 p.m. at Philip’s Episcopal Church in the Annex. So if you are driving down Cedar Street and you see

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Despite the rain and the delay of putting up the stage and vendors with the rain the National Anthem was sung by Teresa Rucker with Dana Altimore, Dorothy Gandy and Nandra Perry, priest of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.

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