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Dad, John and mom, Renda moving in closer to give the new 2019 RCFA Queen, their daughter, Rebecca Stephens, a kiss on the cheek and to let her know how proud they are of her.

Smiles, laughter, and tears of joy at Queen Coronation

H earne » It happens every year about the same time, the Robertson County Fair. It starts months in advance with candidates who will be running for RFCA Queen and

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Lt. Second in Charge, Richard (Ric) Clark being sworn in by Mayor Ruben Gomez on Tuesday night at the Council Meeting.

Swearing in second in command

H earne » On October 25, City Manager John Naron hired Lt. Richard (Ric) Clark as an outside consultant to assist Chief Thomas in making cultural changes within the department

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McKalynn Welch- Robertson County Go Texan, Bekah Wallace- Elliott 4-H, Ramzey Zimmerman- Bows & Bullets, Meagan Cornelius- Hearne 4-H, Autumn Rachui- 4H Riding Club, Nastasha Gouge- Bremond FFA, Taylor Swonke- Franklin FFA, Hanna Redman- Mumford 4-H, Lacey Nichols- Wheelock 4-H, Emily Hall- Booger County 4-H, Josie Swick- Bremond Chamber, Hannah Herbst- Bremond 4-H, Kaylee Hawes- Mumford FFA, Rebecca Stephens- Mumford Booster, Emily Skeide- Elliott 4-H, DaBrina Adams-Hearne FFA, Celese Cranney- Franklin 4-H and Kyla Kirk- Bremond 4-H.

Crowning of the next Queen

H eaRne » As the weekend is upon us and the day is here, the excitement is growing because by the end of the night, Saturday, March 16 one of


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