Council members are quick to respond to FEMA request

On Monday morning September 11, Kelly Ellison received a call through the Hearne Chamber of Commerce from FEMA with the quest to find land, up to 300 acres and not less than 100 acres.

In turn Kelly called John Naron, City Manager and all the particulars about the situation were being asked about with FEMA.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, massive damage had been done to homes, whether it was complete damage or partial damage the families there and other places extending from Galveston all along the coastline to Corpus Christi and towns in between.

The Council was called into a special meeting Tuesday, September 12 to be brought up to date with what FEMA was asking for, our help.

FEMA needs a staging area big enough to place mobile homes on the property to make sure they are in livable condition before they are sent to families that need a home due to destruction of their own homes.

The City Council sat in the meeting and listened to the details of what FEMA was asking.

The Hearne Municipal Airport seems to be our biggest land source that would be capable of holding the moveable homes. But before any decision could be made City Manager Naron had to discuss with Mr. Ackers the City Attorney and make sure what the guidelines are for the airport and what the FAA would allow. Knowing that all requirements are met the Council unanimously voted to let the FEMA program bring in the mobile units to house on the land.

This project could last up to two years and the cost for FEMA to rent the 100 acres will be $12,500 per month and if more land is needed then the rent will go up according the amount of acres.

The project will start immediately after the City Attorney Mr. Ackers approves the paperwork, to make sure all the I’s have been dotted and all the T’s have been crossed.

Hearne will now be considered a FEMA staging center.

With the quick reaction of our Chamber of Commerce, the City and the Council FEMA’s Hurricane Harvey Relief can get underway in helping families with their living conditions.

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