Linda and Carl celebrating the night of forty wonderful years together.

Forty years in the making… here is to another forty

Life is wonderful and good and marriage can be even more divine, if you find your soul mate, that one person that no matter what they do or say you have the love and patience to go the long haul no matter what is thrown at you through life.

In modern American it is so easy to say, I don’t want to do this anymore and just walk away.

Some marriages are sealed before you really get to know the person but they can last forever and ever as if they have known each all their lives.

Love is a very funny thing and who knows what is right or wrong.

Linda and Carl celebrated their 40th anniversary this past weekend with all their family and friends there to celebrate with them.

Not sure what their story is and how they met but there is one thing that was undeniable… their love for one another.

They served a meal of BBQ sausage and brisket with the trimmings for the group.

The cakes were cut and for the sentimental sake they fed each other the cake and NO they did not smash it in each others face, but maybe the thought was there.

Dancing and having fun was the whole venue of the night and that is what it was all about. The forty years they have made their lives together with a family and the happiness and struggles.

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