Michael David Salinas

was born here in Bryan on August 30, 1976. My dad, Arturo, is retired now but when I grew up he worked for the City of Bryan. My mom, Maria, retired from Ken Martin’s Steakhouse. I grew up as the third of four kids – I was lucky to be so close to my brother Arturo “Turi” Jr. and sisters Melissa “Missy” and Jessica “Jess.” As a kid, I always knew how to make my own way. I raised all kinds of animals such as chickens, roosters, and pigeons. I loved running around in the woods catching crawfish with my buddies. My friends from the neighborhood and I used to love to run around at the baseball park. As I grew into a teenager, I developed an interest in cars. My ’64 Impala low-rider was my favorite. I’m not going to lie; I was not really interested in school too much. I pretty much went because I had to, not because I liked it, although I did enjoy track. I was pretty good at it. Life changed a lot for me when I was sixteen and met my beautiful wife, Angelica “Kika” at Taco Bell. It was love at first sight. We had kids pretty quick, so I had to work really hard to provide for my family, but it was worth it. My kids meant everything to me, so I never saw the work as a hardship. I just did whatever I could to support them. I liked being involved in their extra curricular activities. Kika and I were married for 18 years, and were together for 25. We got married November 7, 1999 at St. Teresa’s – the same day my youngest daughter Brianna was baptized. I loved every minute I had with Kika. I loved to make her smile. I looked forward to retiring some day and traveling with “my woman,” “my hot mess,” “my monkey,” “my LOVE.” From working so hard, I learned pretty quickly I wanted to be my own boss. I started Mike’s Pest Control, and I enjoyed that. I owned the business for 15 years. I liked killing bugs, but I hated it when they had snake problems. I DID NOT like snakes. I loved my customers and had a pretty close relationship with many of them. I remember one time I had a customer who was in need, so I helped him out with two brand new mattresses and comforters. I liked being able to help people. I worked really hard, and my dad used to tell me to slow down. I always told him, “I’ll rest when I die.” When I wasn’t working, I loved going hog hunting every chance I got. My buddies Matt and Sly and I would go out and hunt for hours. My very best times were with my family. I used to love getting everyone together to go camping in the RV in Huntsville. We had fun together playing cards. I remember one time when I played with my sister Missy. She beat me a couple of times and laughed at me. I beat her the next few hands. I got to laughing so hard I started to hyperventilate and had to take a few breaths into a bag before I could settle down. I loved playing games with my family. I used to always tell them, “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.” I loved being goofy and making everybody laugh. Easter was my favorite holiday. I used to run around breaking cascarones. When they ran out, I was known to break a few real eggs on people’s heads. I made an amazing brisket, I made “the juiciest, tastiest, brisket in town.” It was

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