Be Yourself ...It’s Politically Correct

Be Yourself ...It’s Politically Correct

Chalkboard Report

If you’ve been watching our political climate you’ve seen a lot of political following. Most of our politician have developed the herd mentality. Makes me stop and wonder what has happened to those who stood for the right, whether it was politically correct or not.

Sometimes we spend our entire existence trying to be some one else. We try so hard to imitate others that the person we are sometimes gets loss. People have gotten into a sort of herd mentality where we follow the crowd no matter what they are doing are where they are going. It no longer seems kosher to follow your own path.

Why is it so hard for people to think for themselves? Have we become brainwashed to the point that we no longer view individuality as being an asset? I worry that creativity and those who think outside the box will be silenced by the voices of those who deny change. In my opinion we all lose when people stop being themselves.


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