It’s a touchy subject, ain’t they all
It’s a touchy subject, ain’t they all

Bad Bunny

It’s a touchy subject, ain’t they all

It feels like a domino effect, one thing starts the ball rolling down a hill and the ball gets the momentum it needs to grow larger and finally big enough to crush everything in the path.

As a child that grew up in the 1970’s I never saw color in a person. It sounds strange to actually say that aloud but I grew up in California and lived in San Jose until I moved to Texas at the age of 12.

The syrup bottle on the kitchen table where we had breakfast had syrup in it, that is about all I can remember. The butter container had a picture of mountains and a cow, the sausage wrapper had a pig, the can of corn had a big green guy and the branding continues on and on.

That’s what marketing is, an image, slogan, jingle, or rhythm that will make the buyer remember the brand. I have been creating brand remembrance for more than 20 years, some of which are still in use today.



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