It’s the worst news I can hear

Then again, I could be wrong.

Having been in the newspaper business for more than 20 years, it’s the worst news a publisher can hear.

Announced in The Bremond Press last week was the closing of the 94-year old newspaper that has served the community of Bremond faithfully.

According to the article, Herman and Betty Yezak ran the newspaper for 55 years, and over the last several, their son George along with the help of family members including Michelle Yezak. A true family owned and operated business; the Yezak’s produced a respectful newspaper that was always a beacon for Bremond.

Having only entered Robertson County in June of 2012, I was not here when Mrs. Yezak ran the newspaper, by that point George had taken over for his mother and with her passing a well written and dedicated edition of the Bremond Press outlined her life as a publisher, I read every word.

I sent the paper to the Texas Press Associations in hopes that they would consider Mrs. Yezak for the Texas Newspaper Hall of Fame and honor her with the 50-year achievement award, which in my opinion she deserves. Unfortunately, I never heard back from TPA regarding Mrs. Yezaks contribution to Texas community newspapers.

Now, with the closing of the newspaper I have reached out once again to TPA and I hope they take my recommendation seriously this time. Like most Hall of Fame’s, induction can take years to be awarded with a limited number (5) inducted each year. For the community of Bremond and the Yezak family, I can only hope they get to it sooner than later.

The community of Bremond may feel as though they are losing their voice with the loss of the newspaper, however I want to reassure the community that plans are underway to insure that the news, sports, education and community events will be covered in the Franklin Advocate.

Since the re-launch of the Advocate we have covered Bremond Sports and community events. We left Bremond City Council and the School Board meetings to George. I’m making plans now to get those meetings covered. The Advocate is distributed to all three convenience stores in Bremond.

I want to take a minute to wish George and his family well. This is a hard decision for them I’m sure and it is not easy to shut down a newspaper that you have poured your heart and soul into. I have been on their side of the decision in the past and it was not easy for Teresa and I to close one of our newspapers but sometimes that is the only decision that is right for the economic or personal reason.

Bremond, as a community you will continue to be served. My personal cell phone number is (979) 250-2733 and you can call me when you need to get something in the newspaper. My email is, feel free to send pictures. In fact the more you contribute the more I will have to publish in the newspaper.

George is asking that anyone having back issues of The Bremond Press from 1922-1985 to contact him. He is looking to digitize as many of the back issues as possible for historical purposes.

From all of us at the Franklin Advocate and the Robertson County News, thank you George, we always enjoyed reading your newspaper; you did your community proud and your brand of newspaper will be missed.

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