It is all in the name

It’s not really something you think about, this is one of those subliminal issues that I had to stop and take pause over and thought I might investigate the issue and tell my loyal readers my findings.

The Robertson County EMS was so named roughly 40 years ago, hindsight being 20/20, probably not the best choice for names. You see the RCEMS is not actually part of the county government. Employees do not receive a pay check from the county, no holiday time, in fact RCEMS receives no direct funds from Robertson County.

The RCEMS does receive funds from the Robertson County Emergency Service District (RCEMD) as well as direct patient invoicing. That’s it, no direct relationship with the county Government. Now the Commissioner’s do appoint the board of director’s to the RCEMD, but as far as funding, or any decision making, no relationship with the county government.


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