Neither will go down quietly

Neither will go down quietly

Despite your voter preference in the 2020 Presidental Election, I promise that neither side will fade into the night as the votes are still being counted and states are flipping blue to red, red to blue on internet voter maps everywhere.

I voted early, as many of us did, for me it was just a simple matter of my mind was made up and I could get the civic duty out of the way and move on. I moved on, well, kind of. I moved into a holding pattern with the rest of America that could only be like circling above DFW waiting for your turn to land. The whole time on the plane your thinking, “land the darn thing already, I want to go.”

I sit in my chair today, local races in the can, state races as expected, propositions passed, and think, I need closure and I’m not sure I want to wait for a month to get it.

It is a process, I get that. Seriously, there is a lot to do for election offices all over our great nation, and I, as I’m sure you want the results to be accurate and indisputable, and in this day and age, with our technology, I think we can expect just that. But accuracy comes with a cost and that cost is time to do the job correctly.



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