The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act protects you against unscrupulous sellers

Q. In January, a business agreed to install a new “Ford remanufactured engine” in my truck. On the receipt, it came with a 100,000 miles and three-year warranty. Before 1,000 miles, the truck started making a knocking noise. The business told me it was the transmission. On May 9, I brought the truck to a local Ford dealer.

The dealership performed a complete diagnostics on the truck. The dealer’s service tech said the knocking was coming from the engine. He also informed me that engine was not a Ford remanufactured engine, it didn’t have a Ford engine serial number and didn’t display a Ford ID plate. Also, some of the engine had been painted. In his opinion, a used engine had been installed in my truck. Based on these facts, what legal action would you recommend? In my view, this appears to be a case of outright consumer fraud. Thank you!


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