The concept on the perfect inconvenient Christmas holiday

In each of our minds, we probably have some concept of what the perfect Christmas holiday is supposed to look like. Few if any, would put standing outside in a chilling wind to sing Christmas carols on our “must do list”. At best, some might describe the experience as, “a little inconvenient”.

Memories of Holiday Traditions

My mother took delight in the Christmas season. Despite the fact that the time of year was always a trigger to remind her of two significant losses in her life, her younger brother and oldest son, she somehow managed the emotional landmines in anticipation of shared time with grandchildren. Nothing was of more importance to her than family, friends and the reason for the season.

Waiting for the future to come

I try not to weigh-in on political issues through my daily blog. It isn’t that I haven’t told a few folks in Washington what I’d like to see take place. Truth be told, I haven’t been on Capitol Hill since February. Previously, I was in Washington on a monthly basis through 2019. It had been my intent to be back in D.C. last week, but meetings on Capitol Hill continue to be off limits unless invited. Office buildings are closed to the public. The majority of employees are working from home.