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Javareyon Bailey looking for an Eagle to hand the ball over to with Quinston Owens with a Blue Jay behind him and in front to make the hand over to him difficult.

Net the Blue Jays

The Hearne Eagles weren’t the likeliest pick to be the last team standing by any of the experts around the county, including myself, but here they are the only remaining

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The 2018 All-Central Texas High School Football Team includes: Micah Smith, Justin Camper, Jalen Gonzales, Javareyon Bailey, Damien Dunn, and Alijah Miles.

2018 All-Central Texas High School Football Team

H earne » The entire staff at ESPN-Central Texas voted and based on overall votes and tabulations, selected the overall 1st and 2nd -Teams. And, with that, here are those

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Destiny Davis, Ashley Green, Kathy Johnson, Natalie Carroll, Mariya Smith, Oktolva Robinson, Chelsi Woods, Jenny Johnson, Endia Chopp, Ta’Kiya Carr, Jamia Ellison, Aaliyaha Scott, and Tra’Zhoria Miller. Not pictured Head Coach Anthony Gonzales and Hannah Hancock.
Calvert Trojans (17-3) (7-0) vs. Bartlett Bulldogs on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Trojans take the dogs for a walk

The Calvert Trojans are developing a balanced scoring attack and that could spell trouble for opposing teams they will face in the playoffs. As the season has progressed the Trojans


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