Hearne Eagle’s Quarterback Micah Smith is a sophomore has been named

One of the main goals of Gause ISD and the Gause ISD Board of Trustees is maintaining our razor-sharp focus on the teaching of reading and reading interventions.

For over 150 years, Union Pacific Railroad has been committed to Building America - serving as an economic engine and improving the standard of life for millions across the country.


Have you ever been working on something or planning to go on a trip and then something keeps you from finishing your project or taking the trip you were so looking forward to?

I consider this column my annual Public Service Announcement because every year at the start of summer, reports of infant and child death related to hot vehicles.

We have all heard this before, good advertising will increase your business but so few business owners treat advertising as a necessary business expense.


The Hearne Eagles 2018 football season hasn’t been one that was pretty to watch or for the team to play.

They have had a rough three weeks in the schedule but have come through relatively unscathed in the injury category, if you don’t count pride as an injury.

After a deep run into the playoffs last season in Class 2A Division II last season in football the Milano Eagles find themselves in Division I Class 2A.

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