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Shirley Davidson and her grandson, Rylee came to the Robertson County News Office to pick up their Schlitterbahn tickets she won for Week One.


On April 13, 2019 an EF-2 tornado ripped through the Franklin community leaving a path of destruction and property damage in it’s wake.

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Darren Peterson with his entourage gave the performance of the lifetime.

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Could that be Hitler or maybe his men? Reenactors from the WWII era.

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It’s not really something you think about, this is one of those subliminal issues that I had to stop and take pause over and thought I might investigate the issue and tell my loyal readers my findi

Jay Leno made fun of them, people laugh when they see them and I have made a few doozies in my many years in this chair. I’m talking about headline typos and mistakes.

Then again, I could be wrong.


Hearne Eagles Boys Athletics

The one thing first year head coach JaMarcus Ashley has insisted upon from the day he took over the Calvert Athletic Program was that he wanted the Trojans to always finish strong.

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