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Marcus and Richard Dawson spent the better part of Sunday catching catfish. The two enjoyed the day together and though this one is smallish, not all of their stringer was smallish.

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Ashley Griffin, Bre’onna Bryant, Ta’Kiya Carr, Endia Chopp, Carolina Hernandez, Lizbeth Iniguez, LaMarquin McGrew, Tra’Zhoria Miller, Jose Orozco, Monet Robinson, Gabrielle Wilson, Alyssa Williams, Victor Killebrew, Mariya Smith, Yesenia Salas, Sionel Gasca, Martin Lozanno, Adrian Gasca,and Jamia Ellison.


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M argaret S alvaggio | r obertSon C ountY n ewS

Art teacher Noor Atarji is helping Mary Jane choose from the prints that were on sale in the front lobby of the high school.

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Kyla is having fun swinging and having a good time with her friends and family celebrating The Day of the Child.


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Jay Leno made fun of them, people laugh when they see them and I have made a few doozies in my many years in this chair. I’m talking about headline typos and mistakes.

Then again, I could be wrong.

It takes time to write an article. Some stories take just a few minutes. I can write an event or ribbon cutting story in just a matter of minutes, I can write this column in about 15 minutes.


Hearne Eagles Boys Athletics

MICHAEL COTTON Sports Editor RobeRtson County news

The one thing first year head coach JaMarcus Ashley has insisted upon from the day he took over the Calvert Athletic Program was that he wanted the Trojans to always finish strong.

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