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Even the Sanderson sisters were there making it known they were back;Winifred (Aspen), Sarah (Kenzie), Mary (Baylie) and Billy Butcherson (Wesley) and boy did they ever make a scene.


City launches new website; new logo design

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As the weather gets a little cooler the need to make sure that everyone is warm is the concern.


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The times they are a changing

Then again, I could be wrong.

Modern life has a way of creeping up on you, if you aren’t paying attention.

When Coach Ashley made this schedule he knew the middle was going to be a tough triple to pull off Oakwood, Coolidge, and Milford, three of the top teams in the state in their classification.

Thank you for “doing your job”

Then again, I could be wrong.


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Micah Smith with the ball waiting for a teammate to be open to pass the ball to for a touchdown.

The Hearne Eagles survived their trial this past week end against the Marlin Bulldogs and now set their sights on the Rosebud-Lott Cougars to finish the regular season.

The Calvert Trojans enter the final week of district play looking for a clean sweep of all three teams.

Going into last Friday’s matchup with Thorndale the Eagles had hoped to keep pressure on Holland to keep winning and remain in 2nd place alone.

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