The time is approaching where all the churches in Hearne and the surrounding communities are preparing for their Easter celebrations.

Having a birthday is one thing but celebrating your 100th birthday is just a day like no other. Some may know her and some may not, but let me tell you a little about her.

Wes and Taylor Edwards are bring a new business to Calvert in the near future.

The ground has been broken and they are already seeing progress day by day.


If you look at how things are in society, it is my opinion that more attention should go to those brave, energetic, and dedicated professionals who go about their jobs mostly unnoticed and unreward

By Michael Cotton

By Dennis Phillips

“Dennis, there are a lot of cops across the street from my house, I think they are busting a drug dealer,” said an anonymous caller a few weeks back.


Ed’draeshon Tindle and Gerald Ross posing for the camera aftter the basketball team pictures were taken


Most people would honestly believe that there is no such thing as politics in the sports arena.

The Hearne Eagles basketball team may have entered the playoffs as the last seed from their district but they proved they were no easy out for anyone.

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