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Standing security watch for Knife River, a Robertson County Off-Duty Deputy inside a County patrol vehicle at the corner of 4th and Hwy. 6 in Hearne..

Is it a legal “grey area”

We as a community perceive what we see and when we bear witness to a marked patrol vehicle standing watch over a construction site, an officer in a county or

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Mark Hilton driving the Hearne Fire Truck #7 with Santa waving and throwing candy to the crowd and wishing all the little ones a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all

H earne » This past Saturday started out with no hitches with the Downtown Market opening at 9:00 a.m. with vendors of all kinds. Jewelry, wreaths, crafts, trinkets and clothes.

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Ford Hooper won the $100 gift card along with his wife winning a turkey in the Third Annual Turkey Trot hosted by the Robertson County Newspaper filling out their winning entries at Ace Hardware.

The turkeys have gobbled away

r oBertSon C ountY » On Tuesday, November 20 Robertson County News went live on Facebook for the drawing of the winners for ten turkeys and a gift card for

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Mr. James singing along to Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer and having fun with the kids last year.

Come ride the Polar Express

C alvert » The song starts like this “Children sleeping; Snow is softly falling; Dreams are calling; Like bells in the distance. The Calvert Woman’s Club is sponsoring the magical

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Gene with the city has been placing lights downtown for the holiday season to officially start.

S uzI E llIoTT | R oBERTSon C ounTY n EwS

After the tree is ready and the lights are working then the guys get the ornaments hung and make sure they are on there good and secure.

Downtown decorated for Christmas Holidays

HEARNE » The weather has made a huge difference in the mood in the city of Hearne. The colder weather has started to move in and surrounding states and


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