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Obey the laws, buses are back on the road


Last Friday night was the big game that almost ended in a big bang. While the Franklin Police Department escorted the Franklin Lions home from the game an incident on the road sent shivers through the spine of local FPD officer Philip King. With two buses and a squad car deep on Hwy. 79 a motorist attempted to pass the two buses.

Facing an oncoming semi-truck the vehicle gunned it to get past the two buses. The motorist skimmed the lead bus shooting in-between the squad car and the lead bus, then past the police officer. Sgt. King made the stop unaware that the motorist had clipped the bus. The motorist appeared sober and was released at the scene. “He was shaken up, that was obvious, he just missed a head on collision with a semi-truck and though I did not know it at the time, hit a bus full of our kids,” said King. No one was injured but this incident can serve as a reminder that motorist need to respect buses and obey the law regarding stopping appropriately and allowing a safe stopping distance for crossings and followings


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