Ellison appoints Pettit, shuts down courthouse due to COVID

  • Judge Charles Ellison
    Judge Charles Ellison

Robertson County Judge made the decision last week to appoint outgoing County Commissioner Keith Pettit to the position of Emergency Management Coordinator including the duties of Septic Designated Representative.

The position of Emergency Management Coordinated is being vacated by Billy Huggins and now with both positions combined, according to Ellison will save Robertson County Taxpayers $37,068.69 per fiscal year.

The move is considered a lateral position, or a designation within the current staff of the County government. Though unusual, it is not unheard of to offer this type of move to an experienced person from within the county government. Pettit has served the county for 16 years in his elected position of County Commissioner.

In unrelated County news, at 8:00 am on December 14, Ellison closed the doors of the Courthouse to the public. In fact, all County offices were closed to the public due to COVID-19 until further notice with the exception of law enforcement and mandated court proceedings.

Residents are asked to contact county officials by phone and to pay any bills as well as any legal filings by mail or electronically when available.

The order was signed by Ellison on December 14 and filed with the County Clerk with no expiration date. No further information was made available to the press at the time of this report.